1. a) Title Picture

b) What we did:

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c) What we made:

2. a) Story of my Experience

I started off realizing after we listened to Sarah Badiei, that I knew nothing about the problems in Yemen. So, when we got the chance to fix an issue in Yemen, I decided to fix a huge issue, the fact that no one knows about the issues in Yemen. So, I got my group together and we created a Twitter account in the hopes of spreading the issues to more people in the world.

b) Who I Connected With

The person I connected to the most was Mr. Yazeed. I was very engaged and asked him a lot of questions when we were interviewing him through Skype. He helped us learn a lot about the issues in Yemen. We also tried contacting him on Twitter and through E-Mail, however, he was not at home then, so he couldn’t answer.

c) What I Did/Made

I’ve created a Twitter account, made a description for it, and tweeted a few times. Also, I helped my group out with coming up for things to tweet. I also lead the discussion for my group with Mr. Yazeed.

3. a) Skills I Developed