Fruits used:

I used an apple, banana, avocado, and a carrot.


  • Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage?

The apple.

  • Why?

Because sugar produces energy for our body, maybe it produces electrical charge as well.


  • What kind of circuit will produce electron flow in your fruit/vegetable cell?

A closed circuit will produce electron flow.

  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, how can you find out if electrons are flowing?

By using the voltmeter.

  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?

There was not enough electricity going through the fruit. Our bulb was 1.5V, while the highest a fruit got to was 0.6V.

  • How can we modify our experiment to improve our results?

We could have used a lower voltage bulb, and then see how bright it becomes.

  • What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment?

The fruit is powering a completed circuit.

  • How can I use this in my everyday life?

If you are ever desperate for light and happen to have 7.5 apples on you, you could power     the bulb.