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  1. Volunteer opportunity to gain experience and knowledge:


  1. Employment opportunity to gain experience and knowledge:


  1. Blog of both volunteer and employment link:

Volunteer – In this link, there are a few volunteer opportunities that interest me greatly. I could help volunteer in the Youth Led Basketball Program, to help teach other kids how to play basketball, while also improving my leadership skills. It will be fun for me, as I really enjoy playing basketball myself, and it will be a new experience learning how to teach others.  This would provide a great opportunity to make connections with younger students in my community.


Employment – In this link, there is an example for a barista job opportunity. I think being a barista is a good life skill, because you learn how to interact with all different kinds of people in a public environment. The job requires you to be friendly, and to be kind to the customers. I am a friendly person, and I like talking to new people. To get the job, I will need to find a way to gain experience working as a dishwasher or something in the food industry first, so that I can have a bit of experience in order to work up to the coffee service industry.  You need to have at least one year experience to work at this barista job and I would have to work elsewhere first in order to gain this experience. Also, as so many people enjoy coffee and other such drinks, it would give me an excellent opportunity to interact with many people in my community.