Map of the Room


Description of 5 Items

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are used for when there’s a flame happening around you, away from other people. You point them at the fire, then squeeze down the nozzle to activate it. DO NOT AIM IT AT OTHER PEOPLE.


Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are used to either smother out a small fire, or put out a fire happening on a person. It’s ineffective against a big fire.

Emergency Off Switch

This button shuts down all gas and electricity flowing into the room. Do not use, except in case of severe emergencies. There is a lid, which you must lift off of the button, before pressing it.

Safety Goggle Bin

This bin is where all the safety goggles are stored. Safety goggles must be worn at all times during a lab, and never should be taken off. They help protect your eyes from serious or mild harm.

Eye Wash Station

The eye wash station is for when you have something in your eye, that needs more treatment than just using a sink, such as something corrosive or toxic.









This symbol signifies that you should not put this object near heat, or fire. The object that has this symbol very easily combusts into flames.









This symbol signifies that the object harms living things, specifically, humans. Avoid touching or approaching objects with this symbol if you haven’t been taught how to properly handle them.







This means that the object can/will explode if placed near heat or set alight. It can also explode if punctured.








This means that the object will damage your skin or hands. Also, avoid breathing in this object.

Example of Safe Conduct:

It’s 1:45 and the bell just rang. Joe walks up to his science class, and notices the teacher isn’t there yet. He decides to go sit down anyways, and wait for Mr. Robinson, when he notices a liquid on the floor. Joe thinks that the liquid is probably water, but since he’s a safe student, he decides to wait to ask the teacher before touching or approaching it himself.

Example of Unsafe Conduct:

Jeff finishes up his lab, and starts to put away all the extra materials. He first dumps all of his liquid chemicals into the sink. But, while he was walking back to put away the flask, he drops it on the floor! It shatters into small pieces, but the teacher didn’t notice. Jeff panics, and quickly leaves the class pretending he didn’t do it so he doesn’t get in trouble.