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This article caught my attention because I think different friend groups are sometimes made of unexpected combinations of people. Everyone thinks that they only have a few friends but in reality, everyone belongs to multiple different groups at the same time. What I enjoyed about this article was that it was humorous and at the same time it went straight to the point. I liked the simple writing style of this article because it made it more relatable, as if a young person was telling the story.  The article suggest that one will always have my a close “circle of friends to fall back on”. I made a connection with this line because I have gone through tough times, but I always had my friends there with me to help get through. I think the support my family gives me is irreplaceable but the support that I get from my friends is much different. This article also portrays the stereotypical cliques that still exist. Just like all teenage movies have the jocks and the nerds. This article demonstrates the realistic teenage need to belong to a group of people, even if outdated labels are part of the deal.