Week 18- Top 5

NUMBER 1: I learned very early on in the year that I should really learn how to read. My lack of cognitive reading abilities caused me to miss out on 5 marks on the first unit test of the year which was the difference between 5 points on two separate tests.

NUMBER 2: Don’t coast. I should have heeded Ms Burton’s warning about coasting in the last third of the semester, as my laziness got the better of me and I got sub-70 percentages on two tests in a row which effectively killed my chances of getting the 90% in the class that I was vying for at the beginning of the year.

NUMBER 3: I learned that SOHCAHTOA is the same thing as x/r y/r x/y

NUMBER 4: Solving equations with 2 variables was also important. The main thing here is because there will always be 2 separate equations where the variables have the same values, just rewrite the equation in a way where only one of the variables is present and you will be able to find the first unknown, then plug that unknown into the other equation with the second variable which will then allow you to find the second variable.

NUMBER 5: Arithmetic sequences and series set up a pretty good baseline for the rest of things that we did in the semester, such as helping understand patterns in graphing, etc.

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