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Hi Ms McArthur, please watch my numbers video. It’s the one with the “Greatest Common Factor” slide in the thumbnail. Thanks.

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  1. kristiang2015 at |

    Numbers/Exponents:It had a very detailed lesson with a lot of information. If I was someone who hasn’t learned about the Numbers Unit I think that the lesson would be useful.

  2. tylerj2015 at |

    Hi, I really like your measurement video! I enjoyed how you included the ancient units of measurement and how you included the more modern units too. I also like how you gave an example of a problem and showed us how to solve it.

  3. jeremyz2015 at |

    This vid is super sweet and very clear, you packs everything in this short vid thanks man.

  4. Jacob Angelozzi at |

    Hi Alerik,

    I liked how your video explained multiple different concepts on polynomials. Everything was explained really well.


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