Van de Graaff Generator experiment

Van de Graaff

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Yesterday, during science we performed a experiment that involved a Van de Graaff. A Van de Graaff is a generator that produces static electricity, by creating friction with it’s giant rubber belt rubbing against a piece of felt. As the rubber belt spins around it accumulates electric charge. The electric charge then travels to the hollow metal ball that sits on top.

During the experiment we had a group of people line up and hold hands, at the front of the line someone was touching the Van de Graaff generator and at the end of the line someone was holding the sink. Once the first person touched the next person’s hand there was electricity that flowed through almost each person in the line causing a small static shock. During this I learn that our bodies electricity can flow through us because our bodies are conductors. This part of the experiment is what I like the most mostly because I was able to take part in it, but I also found it very cool.

I think we did this experiment to see how different materials react to static electricity. I also think we did this to have a better understanding of what we are learning in class.


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