Parenthood Intro

THREE TASKS OF PARENTING Text Questions: page 55 Check Understanding #1-6 page 57 Thinking Critically #3 (synthesize) Intro to Parent Interview Online Form complete for Tuesday and be prepared to share your results Buddy Activity Intro: Angelina

Children’s Rights

Buddy Journal Intro/Discuss Buddies Childhood Past and Present childhood-past-present-fib-online-form CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: For Homework: think about what rights every child in the world should have. We will be working on a A Childs Bill of Rights Project Edublog PDF Form-y9honkon Thursday.  You should have the brainstorming completed on the back of the outline ready for Thursday. … [Read more…]

Children and Childhood

Use the textbook (The Developing Child) to complete: children-and-childhood-chapter-1-worksheet-online-form Use any and all extra time to complete your My Life’s Experiences Project (Due Tuesday: you will share two experiences from your project to introduce yourself to the class)