More on Parenthood

First 5 minutes: complete Buddy Journal(s) Share & Compare session: Parent Interview (class discussion) New worksheet to apply info from Tuesday: Read through questions from am-i-parent-material-online-form Think about: why does each question relate to readiness for parenthood? Categorize each to fit in one of the following:  Desire for Parenthood, Emotional Maturity, Health, Finances, or Management Skills)

A Child’s Bill of Rights

TODAY YOU WILL GET YOUR BUDDY PERMISSION FORMS (return before next Wednesday) You have all of today’s class to work on your: a-childs-bill-of-rights-project-online-form Please feel free to ask for feedback on your categorized rights.  The project is DUE MONDAY.

Course Intro

Finish Intro Activity You’ve Got Mail (start bringing letters over next two weeks) Poem – Children Learn What They Live At your table: Brainstorm 10 reasons why Child Development is a valuable topic to study! UNDERSTANDING CHILDREN (understanding-children-fib)   INTRO PROJECT: my-lifes-experiences-online-form (minimum two rough ideas per category by tomorrow) DETAILED PROJECT RUBRIC (full project due Wednesday September 14th – we will … [Read more…]