Anatomy & Project Intro

Use the notes to help label the diagrams. At the end of both the male and female notes sections, you will need to determine the path traveled by an unfertilized egg/path traveled by sperm. female-reproductive-system-diagram female-reproductive-system-notes male-reproductive-system-diagram male-reproductive-system-notes Unit Project: teen-pregnancy-campaign  

Pregnancy Pact

Finish movie, discuss. Write a letter to your parents as if you had to tell them you (or your girlfriend) are pregnant. Requirements: must have a serious tone must be a minimum of 8-10 sentences (as per PERSONAL REFLECTION CRITERIA) extend your writing by thinking about the following – What will your parents reaction be?  What … [Read more…]

Teen Mom Prep

Buddy Journals Complete the package – “If I Were Pregnant” Create list of questions to ask on Friday’s Teen Mom Visit (all students must ask at least one question) Collect money for thank you gifts.