Intro to Parenthood Pamphlet

Review: Find the Keys to Good Parenting am-i-parent-material-online-form – read through the questions and think about your current responses  & what your future responses might be.  Think about the 5 categories from Making Decisions about Parenthood.  What category might each question fit into? Project Intro: Are You Ready For PARENTHOOD Edublog PDF-1up5h2o You may use questions directly … [Read more…]

Parenting: Gender Roles

Bill of Rights Due – 4 – Unicef Child’s Rights-1fr0hz8 DIVIDING TASKS OF PARENTHOOD-xo8pv6 Discussion Video “Only a Man Can Do It”: Parent Interview: Due on Monday Parent Interview Online Form-17exzjj

My Life’s Experiences

INTRO TO PROJECT: My Life’s Experiences Edublog PDF Form-ukmb7z (must have all rough ideas by tomorrow) DETAILED PROJECT RUBRIC PDF-1djryz0 (full project due Thursday February 8 – we will each share two experiences with the class to continue to get to know one another better)