Scrapbook Page 2

Complete Buddy Journal and hand in for your September buddy mark. Continue to work on My Family Project as a “double dip” OR complete a second page for your scrapbook. Both are due at the start of Monday’s class.

Buddy Sign Up/Project & Quiz Intro

To start: Work on Buddy Journal for last week. If you need help spelling your buddy’s name, just ask! Sign up to plan an activity for buddies. Brainstorm ideas. Quiz Intro: NEXT TUESDAY (study Parenting Styles, Birth Order & Aging/Stereotypes – you will receive this tomorrow) Intro to My Family Project (can be used as a … [Read more…]

More on Parenthood

First 5 minutes: complete Buddy Journal(s) Share & Compare session: Parent Interview (class discussion) New worksheet to apply info from Tuesday: Read through questions from am-i-parent-material-online-form Think about: why does each question relate to readiness for parenthood? Categorize each to fit in one of the following:  Desire for Parenthood, Emotional Maturity, Health, Finances, or Management Skills)