Me in a Bag/Scrapbook Intro

Finish Me in a Bag Presentations

Intro to our Personal Scrapbook Outline Digital Option PDF Form-1y6tasu

You will complete one page each Friday (during class time) and you will be required to show your progress at the end of the block for a social responsibility mark.

Use today’s time to think about how you plan to complete your project: Will is be an actual physical book? If so, what size? Will it be online? What program will you use? PowerPoint? Emaze? Word? Will you use a program such as Shutterfly so that you can order your final product as a book?

You can also use your time today to preview topics from the list – are there at least 10 that stand out to you?

YOU MUST DECIDE on your scrapbook format before tomorrow so that you can work on your Personal ID (Cover Page) during the block.  Your first social responsibility check will be at the end of class tomorrow.  Come prepared to complete your Cover Page within class time.

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