Younde goes to town sentence

Oct,13,2016                                          Alan

Younde goes to town sentence


1distance距离 My home distance school very far.


2overwhelmed淹没 Rainstorm let the car overwhelm.


3 ignorant愚昧 Superstitious is very ignorant.


4 belong属于 Success is belong prepared people.


5 shoved推了 He shoved the tree down.


6 cargo货物 There many cargo in the truck.


7 loaded加载 Computer is loaded something.


8 swarmed蜂拥而至 Students swarmed into the classroom.


9 decks甲板 Boat decks gone bad.


10 stalk茎 This tree have many stalk.


11 procession旅游 They goes to procession every summer vacation.


12 edge边缘He approached edge of track.


13 funeral葬礼 Peoples cray in the funeral.


14 coffin棺材He saw lot coffins in the cemetery.


15 mourning丧


16 reputation声誉 He reputation is very famous.


17 tragedy悲剧 This movie plot is very tragedy.


18 excitement激动He mood is very excitement.


19 indeed的确


20 wealth财富 Knowledge is Wealth

Younde goes to town part 2


Part2 talk about Younde things happing in the town. Younde saw a lot peoples in the store he thing is Minu let these peoples come the store. Then he saw boats with sails. He never see boats before. He ask a man: This must be the largest boats in the world! The man said: Minu . Younde think is Minu. Then he think Accra every thing is for Minu. He is a very great person. And then he saw a funeral he ask who die. The mourner said Minu Yound feel very unfortunately.