Robot Mask

Copy and paste the following questions on your Edublog and provide answers in full sentences:

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Electron
    2. Neutron
    3. Proton
    4. Conductor
    5. Insulator
    6. Current
    7. Voltage
    8. Resistance
    9. Series Circuit
    10. Switch
    11. Cell
    12. Parallel Circuit
  2. Where are electrons located in an atom?
  3. What charge does an electron have?
  4. What charge does a proton have?
  5. What is all matter made of?
  6. What supplies energy in order to move electricity through a cicuit?
  7. List 5 examples of insulators
  8. What is the most common conductor used in wire?
  9. What is the outside coating of a wire made of? Why is this important?
  10. Describe in a short paragraph, how your group will design, construct, and assemble the circuit for your robot mask and controller.
  11. What communication system will your group use to navigate the robot? Describe your legend below.

Spaghetti Superstructure Replica

Your team of engineers is given the task to replicate a world famous superstructure. There are a number of different buildings that could be recreated. For example:


  • Burj Khalifa
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Pyramid of Giza
  • CN Tower
  • Tower of Pisa
  • Space Needle

Your design project must include the following:

  1. Research (How was the original built?)
  2. Design Sketch
  3. Blueprints (Measurements and Plans)
  4. Prototype
  5. Lab Report

SciTechLabReport-Tower-1gthj62 (1)-17meiou – Lab Report Link!

Forces Lab

Use the following link to complete the “Forces Lab”

On a separate sheet of paper, list the five forces that would act on the materials of a bridge. Also, provide a diagram with arrows indicating how the forces are applied. Additionally, provide real life examples for each force. This lab can be completed in partners. It is preferable that at least one partner has access to a device with “FLASH”. Lab is to be completed by the end of class.