List of Automotive Labs

This is a list of the current labs that you must have completed in order to receive a grade. This list is constantly changing so be sure you review your labs regularly.


  1. Practical Lift Exam
  2. Vehicle Familiarization
  3. Spare Tire
  4. Tire 1: Tire Rotation
  5. Tire Info Worksheet
  6. Tire 4: Tire Balance
  7. Under the Hood
  8. Pro Demand Activity
  9. Oil Change
  10. Tire Mount and Dismount
  11. Air and Cabin Filter
  12. Engine Familiarization <– *INTERIM REPORT CARD BREAK*
  13. Spark Plugs
  14. Automotive Parts Catalog
  15. Cooling System Inspection
  16. Service Manual Lab
  17. Ch. 40 Cooling System Testing, Maintenance, Repair
  18. Ch. 29/30 Automotive Batteries
  19. Battery Servicing and Testing Lab



Automotive Intro Activity: What Kind Of Car Are You?

Think about what kind of car you are. This exercise will get you to think about each component and how it relates to the vehicle as a whole. If you were to describe yourself as a specific car, what would it be? Fill out each section and explain your reasoning. Click on the left under ‘comments’ to see other responses and to post your own response!