This is a list of the current labs that you must have completed in order to receive a grade. This list is constantly changing so be sure you review your labs regularly.


  1. Practical Lift Exam
  2. Vehicle Familiarization
  3. Spare Tire
  4. Tire 1: Tire Rotation
  5. Tire Info Worksheet
  6. Tire 4: Tire Balance
  7. Under the Hood
  8. Pro Demand Activity
  9. Oil Change
  10. Tire Mount and Dismount
  11. Air and Cabin Filter
  12. Engine Familiarization <– *INTERIM REPORT CARD BREAK*
  13. Spark Plugs
  14. Automotive Parts Catalog
  15. Cooling System Inspection
  16. Service Manual Lab
  17. Ch. 40 Cooling System Testing, Maintenance, Repair
  18. Ch. 29/30 Automotive Batteries
  19. Battery Servicing and Testing Lab



List of Automotive Labs

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