Automotive Intro Activity: What Kind Of Car Are You?

Think about what kind of car you are. This exercise will get you to think about each component and how it relates to the vehicle as a whole. If you were to describe yourself as a specific car, what would it be? Fill out each section and explain your reasoning. Click on the left under ‘comments’ to see other responses and to post your own response!






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  1. Make: Ford

    Model: Mustang GT

    Year: 2015

    Engine: 5.0L V8

    I would consider myself a 2015 Ford Mustang GT. I’m oldschool but take on a modern approach to life. I appreciate the finer things but like to keep things simple. Speed, power, and efficiency is all you need. The other reason is because I own a 2015 Mustang GT!

  2. Make: Subaru

    Model: BRZ

    Year: 2019

    I consider myself a 2019 Subaru BRZ because you don’t have to spend 80G to get a good performance car and you don’t have to spend a fortune keeping it in shape

  3. Make: Subaru

    Model: Legacy GT

    Year: 1998

    Engine: 2.5 L V4

    I would consider myself a 98 Subaru Legacy GT because I don’t need luxuries in life but I also like to go quick without spending too much money. The other reason is because my current car is a 98 Subaru Legacy GT.

  4. Make: Nissan

    Model: Skyline r34

    Year: 1993


    I would consider a Nissan skyline cause I’m fast reliable and just fun to be around lol

  5. Make: volkswagen
    Model: beetle
    Year: 1968
    Engine: rear-mounted 1500cc air-cooled four-cylinder engine

    I would consider myself to be 1968 VW beetle because i have an old soul and I enjoy old cars and old rock music. I am also not loud and annoying but i can still be enjoyable. I also want to get a 1968 beetle because the are awesome.

  6. Make: Ford
    Model: F150
    Year: 2017
    Engine 2.7L Ecoboost V6

    I would be this truck because I may not be the fastest or the most powerful but i get the job done and also reliable

  7. Make: Ford

    Model: Fusion

    Year: 2019

    Engine: 1.5 L 4-cylinder, 2 L 4-cylinder
    Reasoning: I consider myself a 2019 Ford Fusion because I like new cars and I am new to the earth and the overall sleek design of the car truly resembles me because of my body size and slim face. This car is perfect for me!

  8. Make: Volkswagen

    Model: Westfalia

    Year: 1980

    Engine: V6 2.0L
    I would consider myself this car because I love to travel and go on long road trips. I think this car easily symbolizes that. It also has that cool 70s/80s aesthetic.

  9. Make:Datsun
    Engine: 1.5l j-series
    Reason: not too pretty on the outside, but can move and perform better then the rest, quick and agile. Also I live classic cars especially JDM

  10. Make: Subaru

    Model: WRX STI

    Year: 2006

    Engine: turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder
    I would consider myself a Subaru wrx sti because I am loud and like to go fast and spend very little money.

  11. Make: Ford

    Model: F-250

    Year: Ninth Generation (1992–1997)

    Engine: 5.8L V8

    Why: I chose a mid 90’s F-250 because i really enjoy the body design of the truck. i also like the truck because for most of my life my dad had one. Another reason i like it is, i like camping and i think it would be a good truck for camping.

  12. Make: Mitsubishi
    Model: Lancer Evolution IX
    Year: 2006
    Engine: 2L 4G63 Inline 4 Turbocharged
    I would say I’m a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX because I like the aggressive style the car presents. Also, I would say I am a cautious person but is also capable of doing exciting things just like the AWD system the EVO IV provides. It can take speed in tight corners without loss of momentum and traction. At last, I would say I am a practical person thats why I chose a four-door car where I can bring my friends and family along.

  13. make: Ford

    model: focus rs

    year: 2017

    engine: turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine
    i would consider myself a ford focus because it looks nice and has good handling.

  14. Make Ford
    Model F-250
    Year 1993
    Engine 4.9 L v6

    I’m a Ford F-250 because I like how it is a 4×4 pick up. With a Diesel engine for more towing power and it is a heavy duty truck for going on logging truck roads. This makes it better for hauling logs and other stuff, my friends will go camping with me and I need something to carry my camper. It has a great look ,better then the trucks now in 2019.

  15. Make: Ford
    Model: GT40
    Year: 1969
    Engine: 4.2 V8

    I am a very vertically long person and the GT40 is horizontally long. I am very loud and I take a lot of fuel, and I like old cars.

  16. Make: BMW
    Model: M4
    Year: 2020
    Engine: 3.0L V6 Turbo
    I would consider myself a 2020 BMW M4, get behind the wheel of the M4 and prepare for explosive acceleration and razor-sharp handling.

  17. Make: Subaru
    Model: WRX STI
    Year: 1998
    Engine: Engine: turbocharged 2.5 litre four-cylinder

    I’m definitely a 1998 WRX just cause it’s relatively old and I’m told often that I’m a old soul. Along that, it’s all wheel drive and I like to go out in the wild and something 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive is better for rough conditions.

  18. Make: Subaru
    Model: WRX STI
    Year: 1998
    Engine: Engine: turbocharged 2.5 litre four-cylinder with a stage 3 COBB tune

    I’m definitely a 1998 WRX just cause it’s relatively old and I’m told often that I’m a old soul. Along that, it’s all wheel drive and I like to go out in the wild and something 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive is better for rough conditions.

  19. Make: Nissan
    Model: Skyline GTR
    Year: 2003
    Engine: Turbocharged inline 6 cylinder

    I would be a Nissan Skyline GTR because I am classic but I like to keep up with the current competition. I chose the model from 2003 because that’s when I was born and the model is very laid back but kitted at the same time. The engine comes from my limited knowledge of engines so I chose the one that typically comes in this year’s model.

  20. Make: Chevrolet
    Model: El Camino
    Year: 1965
    Engine: 6.5 L V8
    I feel like an El Camino, equipped with a bit of everything and a workhorse that’s ready for anything.

  21. Make: Ford
    Model: Focus
    Year: 2000
    Engine: 1.0 L EcoBoost I3
    I feel like a 2000 Ford Focus because I tend to not focus at times and sometimes don’t feel like moving.

  22. Make: Ford
    Model: Ford Mustang GT
    I like fast muscle cars that has a roaring engine when you floor it just like the 2019 mustang which is fast and has high horsepower but also, I like to know what is happening when I am doing certain things and I have full control over the actions I do. So I would for sure pick a 6 speed manual gearbox.

  23. Make: BMW

    Model: I8


    Engine:1.5 liters, three-cylinder,369 horsepower

    I want to help nature and the car is electric. I want to have a good looking car that looks like it is from the future because I try to be futuristic. I try to be fast and try to save time, and BMW i8 is an incredibly fast car.

  24. Make: Mazda
    Model: RX7
    Year: 1993
    Engine: 1.3L Twin-turbocharged rotary engine

    I think I am like 1993 Mazda RX7 because I am fast but precise. You can joke around with it but it can also be serious and get the job done. I have power but I am light and agile.

  25. Make: DMC
    Model: DeLorean
    Year: 1981
    Engine: Peugeot-Renault-Volvo 2.85 L V6

    I consider myself as a DeLorean because I may seem out of the ordinary, I like to be interesting with what I can do. If at first I seem underwhelming, I make sure to do something that will suprise others. Science fiction is the name of the game for me.

  26. Make: Harley Davidson
    Model: street rod 750
    Year: 2018
    Engine: 750cc V-Twin engine
    I would be a 2018 Harley Davidson street rod 750 because I am daring adventurous. I also like to go fast. Another reason is that I want to get this bike in the future.

  27. Make: Ford
    Model: SVT mustang cobra
    Year: 2004

    I am this car because its pretty fast and it was made til the same year as me. It is fast and somewhat strong. Also my favorite snake is a cobra.

  28. Make: Nissan
    Model: GT-R Skyline
    Engine: 2.6 L twin-turbocharged RB26DETT I6

    I would consider my self 2002 Nissan GT-R Skyline because it is fast, has good handling which the same when I run and I always use it in car racing games and its last model was also the same as my birth year

  29. Make: AvtoVAZ
    Model: Lada 21054-30
    Year: 1980–2010
    Engine: the engine VAZ-21067 distributed injection, 1.57 l, 72 hp, 116 Nm

    Soviet ingenuity: simple to maintain, as efficient as a small car can get, and is also within the same year soviet union fell. It is also assembled and built in 4 different countries. Also and I quote, “the cheapest car in russia.”

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