Answer the following questions into your Principles of Flight blog post:

1. How did the height you estimated your rocket would reach compare with the actual
height? Show your calculations for the actual height,
2. What do you think might have caused any differences in the height you achieved?
3. Did your rocket launch straight up? If not, why do you think it veered off course?
4. Do you think that this activity was more rewarding to do alone? Would you have preferred to

do it in groups? Why or why not?
5. Did you adjust your model rocket at all? How? Do you think this helped or hindered
your results?

6. Was your re-usable rocket strategy effective? If so, what worked well and how can that relate to real world situations. If not, what could have been done to improve your re-usable rocket strategy?

7. What safety measures do you think engineers consider when launching a real rocket?
Consider the location of most launch sites as part of your answer.
8. When engineers are designing a rocket which will carry people in addition to cargo, how
do you think the rocket will change in terms of structural design, functionality, and
9. Do you think rocket designs will change a great deal over the next ten years? How?



Principles of Flight Part 3: 2L Water Bottle Rocket Reflection

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