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Powerpoint Mockup Website

Question: Describe your project?

Answer: In this project we got to re-create any website we wanted but change it up and add animations to it such as drop down menus. The website I re-created was Converse. 

Question: What did you learn?

Answer: I learned a lot of things, such as how to use slide master view, how to add animations,  how to remove the background and add gradient colors.

Question: What are you proud of with this project?

Answer: This was my favorite project throughout IT 10.  I am proud of everything, especially the final product and how it looks like a real website and how it functions. 

By Ainsley



Scratch Movie

Baby Dory Scene from Finding Dory:


What I learned:

I learned how to hide backgrounds and make them appear at different times. I also learned how to add music and sounds to my presentation.

What was challenging:

One thing that was challenging was inserting music and the timing.

Why I picked this movie:

I picked this movie because I thought this scene was really adorable and funny. I also picked this movie because I like Ellen DeGeneres who plays the main character (Dory).






Information Technology 10 Scratch Game

Title of my game= City Maze

This is a simple easy maze game i created on Scratch for my IT (Information Technology) class.

How to play the game:

  • To start the Maze click on the green flag in the corner or in the center.
  • To complete the maze, the purple ball must reach the blue box and that will take you to the next level. There are 4 levels!
  • If you hit the black walls it will take you back to the start of the level.

What did you learn?

I learned how to code using Scratch, and figured out how to make a sprite (character) move in different ways with different animations. I also, learned how to script. For example, when the purple ball touches the black walls, go back to the beginning of that level.

What was challenging for you?

Thinking of a game that I could create that would be easy enough for my skill level.

What I liked about using Scratch!  :

I liked that we got to design our own games and that we weren’t given a type of game that we had to create, such as a maze or a puzzle.

By: Ainsley (gr.9)

Link to my maze game!