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Rube GoldBerg Machine Assignment








Here’s a video explaining how our machine works:

Actual footage of our machine:


The “Quick-Break” Machine
its task is to place a snack (Smarties) on the table while an entertaining video would play and this overall would seemed like it’s break/recess time.



a. we are going to drop a small soccer ball on the incline plane then it drops down to the pulley that has a cup attached to it

b.the cup that’s attached to the pulley that went down, hits the jengas

c. meanwhile the jengas tip over on one another then a jenga block that is placed on top of the laptop falls – causing the rubber ball to push forward

d. then the other cup attached to the pulley bumps the lever, and.the golf ball on the lever rolls down to the right

e. the rubber ball hits the space bar and the music video plays

f. the golf ball rolls down and hits the toy car – causing the toy car to move

g. the dominoes get hit by the toy car

h. then the dominoes tip over on one another

i. the long wooden block that is closest to the ramp falls down and hits the toy dump truck

j. the toy dump truck rolls down the ramp

k. then it stops as the elastic band blocks its way to keep moving

l. then the smarties on top of the toy truck falls off to the table

-incline plane/ramp
-wheels and axle

5 types of energy

1.Elastic E – the elastic band served as a stopper placed at the sides of the ramp for the toy truck to stop going down any further.
2.Electrical E – the laptop that played an online video
3.Mechanical E – the small soccer ball that rolled and triggered the machine to set into motion.
4.Gravity E – the dropping of the small soccer ball onto the ramp
5.Sound E – the music from the online video that plays on the laptop


Energy transformations

Gravitational E – Mechanical E: there’s energy in gravity that creates a mechanical energy out.

Mechanical E – Electrical E – Sound E: there is mechanical energy in the ball that caused electrical energy out when the music video started to play.

Elastic E – Mechanical E : there’s energy in elasticity that creates a gravitational energy and then mechanical energy out through the movement of smarties that dropped down on the table from the toy truck.


Core Competencies Assessment:

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