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Modeling Mitosis

Modeling Mitosis Lab

Interphase (Growth and Preparation)








Interphase is the longest cycle of the cell. During this stage, the cell performs its functions and expands its size – which forms the proteins needed for the cell to function. In this cell, there’s the nuclear membrane, and it inside it there’s the chromosomes and the nucleolus.

Interphase (Replication)









In this stage, the DNA is being replicated by the enzyme that splits the DNA sides. After the DNA replication, the cell continues to grow and makes proteins for the new cells that will be created after cytokinesis. Inside the nuclear membrane, there’s the nucleolus and the identical chromatids.


During the early prophase, the duplicated chromosomes coil up into x-shaped chromosomes. Meanwhile, the nucleolus and the nuclear membrane will start to disappear, and the spindle fibres will begin to form. During the late prophase stage, the spindle fibre is completely formed and the chromosomes’ centromeres attach to the spindle fibres.

Metaphase “middle”








The nuclear membrane and the nucleolus has dissolved during metaphase, the spindle fibres pull the identical chromatids into a single line in the middle(equator) of the cell.

Anaphase “away”








During the anaphase stage, the spindle fibres begin to shrink – which pulls the identical chromatids apart and move to the opposite poles of the cell. And when they are separated, each of them is going to be chromosomes again.

Telophase “two”








During the telophase, the spindle fibres begin to disappear, and a nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes. A nucleolus appears in each of the two nuclei, and the cell is ready to divide.


Cytokinesis is the final stage of the cell cycle where these two nuclei are separated and turned into two daughter cells. These newly formed cells are identical to their original parent cell.

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