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Edible DNA Model










This is an edible DNA model. For this lab, we made an edible DNA using two licorice as our backbones – because DNA is arranged in a double helix, and four different colors of mini-marshmallows to represent the chemical bases of DNA – adenine(A), thymine(T), guanine(G), cytosine(C). Adenine(A) and thymine(T) always bond together and same goes with guanine(G) and cytosine(C). Deoxyribonucleic acid or also known as DNA is the building blocks of all living things and is also known as the”blueprint” of life. It is a nucleic acid that carries the genetic instructions for the development and purpose of living things. It contains thousands of genes – each gene serves as a recipe on how to make a protein molecule. DNA is located inside the nucleus and organized into chromosomes. DNA replicates by converting the DNA sequences to form it into RNA messengers to make proteins, and RNA messengers only have one helix. The genetic information or code in the DNA is transferred to the RNA messenger, this process is called transcription. And during this process, proteins are being made until the last code goes in the RNA messenger. Then RNA (ribonucleic acid) is transported out of the nucleus through the nuclear pore, and outside the nucleus, the proteins are produced based upon the code in the RNA.



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