What is new media?

Here is how to use social media the right way • TechnobezzWhat is new media? New media is making it easy for people to share content online and communicate socially with friends or people. Anything that is delivered digitally into the mobile device through the internet communication can be new media. In the old days, people used to watch and feel the same in normal media, but there was a difference. For example, “old” media, which is newspapers, magazines, books, television, and other not interactive media. New media is for the websites, online video/audio streams, email, online social media, online games…and much more that help people to communicate. Even if it’s the same media, it depends greatly on whether people can communicate/connect or not… But now it is possible to communicate with the app or media that everyone uses for in one same device that people all have now. Today’s New Media has made it easier to exchange information and interact with people using an Online Digital way, which means that communication between the people has become much more efficient to share their thoughts and information comfortably. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Email all types of social media… it brings and connects all of them in any device they have. Also, Media consumption is fragmented. The reason is that people use so many kinds of new media in their lives, whether they need it or want it. Because all the new media people are using right now have different roles and different types, so the media consumption should be fragmented because the people have to use the right one depending on their different situations. Finally, to consume credible media, use the appropriate and suitable media for one’s situation. And think twice about whether that media is proper to use or not and can give the right answer to the question. “He had been researching online and felt so confident that his answer was accurate”(Bedley 2017)

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