Plot Point Photo Compilation

This photo plot-point compilation is being done for the story, “Father and Son” by Bernard MacLaverty. A Photo plot-point compilation is using a photo to discribe a piece of a plotpoint captioned with a quote. After that, there is around 3-4 sentences explaining what is happening in this photo and the quote.   1)  Exposition “This […]

2 Fisherman Character Sketch

Aidan Schulmeister English 18, September 2017 Mr. Barazuol   K “Smitty” Smith is a round character in the story, “Two Fisherman” written by Morley Callaghan. Smitty works as an executioner or “hangman” for a living. Smitty does not particularly enjoy this job, but does it because as Smitty says, “Someone’s got to do my job. There’s […]

Capital Punishment in “Two Fisherman”

Capital Punishment or the death penalty was first introduced in Canada in 1865.  It was originally attempted to be abolished in 1914, however this was unsuccessful. Ever since 1961, the death penalty requirements became much larger. By the time it was 1966, it became limited to only killing on-duty officers. 10 years later in 1976, […]

[TKAM] Journal Response 1

In the novel: To Kill a Mocking Bird by Nelly Harper Lee, Jeremy Finch or Jem is the Main Character’s Jean “Scout” Finch’s brother. Because Jem is an older brother, he wants to sound very professional and not childish. You see this in chapter 1 when Jem says: “Ain’t scared, just respectful” because he doesn’t […]

[TKAM] My Opinion on Racism Then and Now

Racism has changed a lot in the past 100 years. However it is my opinion that Racism will always be an issue, and that’s not just between whites and blacks. That being said, it has improved a lot in the past 100 years. There is now FAR less violence than there was back in the […]