Emperor of Ice-Cream Poem Analysis

Title of Poem: The Emperor of Ice-Cream Type of Poem: Ode Author: Wallace Stevens   Literal Meaning After you read the poem, what does the literal meaning seem to be? What is happening in the poem? This poem is referring to a funeral, the second stanza talks about a dead person being covered up. The […]

Silent Narrative Poem

Trapped in a cage, all alone, Alone with no one who could hear me groan, But always keep your eyes on the prize winner, I certainly will never take mine off that juicy dinner, However, the price will not come without patience, A show with a man, in front of an audience, This show showcases […]


a) What Widgets and Plugins did you choose? I used the: Custom CSS plugin Google Fonts plugin WordPress Accessibility plugin b) What are there strengths? I can customize my blog further than my theme currently lets me I can use any font on google Accessibility may make my blog easier to read for others d) […]

Wave interference videos

95B34DE8-8647-4273-AD69-3746D5FF6481-2mb6j9i This video shows two crests colliding with each other. This is called constructive interference. When the two crests collide for he moment, they combine to create one bigger wave 5DB66C5F-3F96-4120-B89E-ED15D582BFFD-1749i48 this video demonstrates destructive interference where a crest collides with a traugh. When they collide they cancel each other out. 5BED7E1D-00EF-4D0D-9A1B-91B0B120797A-pt5lzk in this last […]