“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

­As Walter Mitty held his back against the wall, ready to meet his end to the firing squad, he was thinking about the situation he was in. Walter decided to stop what was happening and escape back into the real world.

…There Walter was, sitting at the back of the brick wall, right behind the drug store, thinking about what just happened in his head. Walter decided to take a short walk around the town. As he passed by the bank, thoughts were coming back to his head.

…There he remembered himself inside the bank while millions of dollars were being robbed. As the police showed up, someone pushed Walter into the street. Walter was now in the middle of the situation, the police started chasing after him across the bank, assuming he was behind the situation. Once the police caught up to him, they took him to jail, not realizing the truth that Walter Mitty was innocent!

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