Capital Punishment in “Two Fisherman”

Capital Punishment or the death penalty was first introduced in Canada in 1865.  It was originally attempted to be abolished in 1914, however this was unsuccessful. Ever since 1961, the death penalty requirements became much larger. By the time it was 1966, it became limited to only killing on-duty officers. 10 years later in 1976, the death penalty was abolished in Canada. 11 years later, the death penalty was attempted to be reintroduced but this attempt was unsuccessful.

I disagree that Thomas Delaney in the short story “Two Fisherman” should of gotten capital punishment for killing a man molesting his wife. However I still think Thomas Delaney still should have been punished for killing that man who attempted to molest his wife. I believe killing is wrong and should be punished, but not with killing. Staying in jail for 25 years is already a huge punishment.

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