[20% Update 4] A new style (w/ downloadable demo)

One thing I was disliking about the game I was making was it’s style! It was far too basic for me and I wanted my levels to become much more exploration based, and for there to be more going on at the screen! So I had scrapped or tweaked around 80% of my levels! I’m personally happy with the changes I made because the game is now much more enjoyable and different from other platformers! Here is the full changelog for the last month:

  • Scrapped or tweaked 80% of my levels to make them more unique, exploration based, and less empty!
  • Redone the tilesets for Worlds 1 & 2! They are now more colorful and less muddy!
  • World 1 is now World 2! World 2 is now World 1!
  • Added flags which touching them will save which level you are in!
  • HEAVILY optimised the game! It now runs around 15-20% faster! (EDIT: I tested this on a slower computer! It now runs 25% faster)!
  • Added new fade effects when entering and exiting the levels!
  • Redone the smoke particles the player makes when sprinting! They are now animated!
  • Added environment to the game such as birds, and fish in the water to make the game feel much less lifeless!
  • Fixed the Airmeter when swimming! It now counts down correctly!

I want to have a new demo up soon presenting some of the design changes but for now I have some neat videos showing off the level design process of the game:

Here is a save area:

And here is a full level:

Look inside the descriptions of the videos with timestamps of what I’m doing currently!

Here is a brand new Demo of my game:


System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128MB graphics

In other words, just about nothing!

If you find any bugs or errors, please notify me immediately!


Thanks for reading!

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