Solution Fluency with the Laundry Detergent Lab


We were given a question, “is the extra money worth it when it comes to more expensive laundry detergents”. With this question we were given the freedom to choose what we wanted to test, whether it was all detergents in hot water, cold water, the same detergent but with different amounts of detergent, etc; it was our decision.



My group chose to test which detergent worked best in hot water (50 degrees celcius to be exact) with three full droppers worth of detergent. We used soy sauce as our stain as it’s fairly likely to occur, and left the stained cloths in the detergent for 5 minutes each. We found out that they all cleaned off perfectly which left us with the conclusion that the extra money isn’t worth it. (The detergents we used were: Tide, Sunlight, Woolite, and Western Family. We also had a control group which was clean as well.)



As I stated at the end of the last paragraph, the detergents all cleaned the soy sauce off so that there was none left which left us thinking that you shouldn’t spend the extra money, however it could be different with a different stain.

Below is one of the stains sitting in the detergent and water mixed liquid.

Shown below is one of the stained cloths before it was put into the detergent.

Below is an image of all the cloths after having been in the detergent.

Next is an image a few days after the experiment when they had dried. (And they still looked clean.)



We did nearly perfect on keeping all of the tests exactly the same, and we found the results were the same. Therefore as I said before I don’t think spending extra money is worth it, buy the cheapest of these four brands so you can save more of your hard earned money. Once again we only tested soy sauce so we don’t know how well each detergent works on other stains.



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