mutation story

part 1

My name is Sam and I am colour blind. I got it from my dad. Colour blindness is when the proteins produced from these genes which play essential roles in colour vision don’t work properly. Also the  light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye become delicate. It  effects me when I am riding my bike because  I can’t see if the traffic light is green or red. It is hard to watch  movies because I can’t see the right colours. It’s hard in the morning to try to get dressed because I can’t see normal colours so I don’t know if my clothes  match or not.  It’s hard to do art class because I can’t see any red, green and blue. It is hard to tell who is a on your team or not because I can’t see red, green and blue.

part 2 what happened to you as a genewhat caused your mutationwhat effects did the gene mutation have on your host’s bodyhow was the host’s life affecteddoing  research quickerI used Google to search up my topic color blindnescolour blindness awareness ,genetics home referenceI could of not of waited to the last and blue colour blindness is usually  passed down from your parents. the proteins produced from these games play essential roles in colour vision. the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. color blindness effects how you see when you are driving on the road and trying to find clothes that matching.