Workplace safety reflection

  1. follow rules

2. don’t do something if you don’t feel comfortable

3. don’t do anything wrong that can put anyone in danger

how to keep other people safe: keep other people safe not in danger that could kill or hurt some


Leonato daughter named hero feel in love with clavdio and benedick and Beatrice have a love hate relationship and Don pedro and Don jan are brothers and Don jan is friends with Borachio and con rad and hero is cousins with Beatrice and hero servants names are Margaret and Ursula.   

William Shakespeare was born in April 23 1564 and died in 1616. William married a girl when he was 18 in 1582 named Anne Hathaway and had there first girl in 1583 named Susannah and had twins in 1585 named Hamnet and Judith. William published his first play in 1594 called Henry VI, Part Two, and the shortest play made was 1,770 lines long. HE has presented 37 plays in total. William wrote sonnet and narrative poems he wrote 154 love sonnets and five longer narrative poems. His plays set in 12 different countries and in 75 different languages and introduced almost 3,000 words in to the dictionary. Shakespeare was able to use 7,000 words in his works.

bard in the classroom reflection

when bard on the beach came to are school it was awesome how they did activates together as a class and we would present little skits and would help us under stand better how Shakespeare plays were presented. they helped us under stand the different Shakespearean languages easier to under stand in a fun ways. some of the activities we did we had to act out a funny act and thought of knee slapper.


    in commercial they are trying to say that this SUV is power full and you can do a lot of hard working jobs with it. this SUV is a 2015 Mitsubishi shogun it has a 3.0 L V6 with EFI and 104 kW (139 hp/141 PS)  this car comes with a 10 year warranty. 2015 top safety and has 7 seats. this would be logos because you want a SUV that goes fast and safe for the family. you can use this car for a work car for caring objects. awesome for going camping and go throw trails and won’t get stuck as easy as a heavy pick up truck. there 3 different visons of this car is worth £29,634£40,299 they have a cheaper vison and a more green and eco friendly and the fast vison.




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