Safety story.

Last week in the science lab, me and my group were assigned to do an experiment. It was our first experience in a science lab which led to some mistakes that we eventually learned from. First, my friend Jaden was preparing the part where we use flames and he accidentally burned a piece of paper. He then ran and brought his water bottle and poured water on the fire while he should’ve used either the fire blanket or the fire extinguisher because you use them when there is fire. second, my other friend Moe was eating so his hands go slippery while holding a flask which made him drop it. Then, he  started grapping the glass with his hands and he started bleeding. In my opinion, he should’ve told the teacher before he started grapping it. While we were experimenting, Jaden forgot to wear his safety glasses and he got something in his eyes so he started rubbing his eyes while he should’ve used the eye wash because if he rubbed his eyes the solution will spraed in his eyes

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