In the short story The Friday that Everything Changed  by Anne Hart, Alma Niles is one of the main characters and the protagonist. She was a dynamic character, mostly because she was the protagonist but also because she developed throughout the story ended up achieving her goal.

Alma achieved her goal because she was determined and positive. When Alma said, “Why can’t girls go for the water, too” it showed that she had determination to carry the water bucket and be equal with the boys.  Alma stays positive and determined throughout the book even when her cousin Arnold tries to make her give up on the idea and in the quote ” I’m sorry Arnold but I’m used to cold weather. In the winter I walk to school just the same as you,” she proves to him that she is just as strong as he is.

Throughout the whole story Alma doesn’t give up on what she wants, she stays positive and believes in herself and it pays off because in the end she is successful. In conclusion, Alma’s determination and positivity rubs off onto the other girls which makes her a good protagonist and leader.