1. What was Dave Conroy doing out in the wilderness? He was travelling somewhere where people lived, like to a village or another civilisation so he could sell his fur.

 2. At what point does the reader know the protagonist is in serious trouble and not likely to make it to MacMoran’s cabin? We realize he’s not going to make it once he’s already fallen into the water and he’s trying to dry off and light a match but he can’t because he’s fingers are frozen.

3. What three critical mistakes did Conroy make? What are some of the things he could have done to prevent himself from freezing? He shouldn’t have travelled further then what his gut told him to (he wouldn’t have fallen in the water), once he fell in the water he should’ve stopped to set up his camp for the night so he could dry off and warm up but instead he kept going and he should’ve dried off more instead of just shaking it off like it was nothing,

4. Determine the elements of the plot in this story. The exposition is the introduction, where we find out who Dave is, what he’s doing, when the story takes place etc. The complicating incident is when we find out he’s first heading down the hill (we find out later he should’ve stayed and set up camp) because that’s close to where the first incident happens and it starts the action. The 3 crisis are: Dave falling in the water, Dave refusing to believe he’s freezing so he continues on his journey and Dave trying to light a match but is unsuccessful because his hands are frozen. The climax is Dave realizing he’s starting to freeze up but not doing anything about it, just continuing on. The denouement is Dave relaxing and slowly freezing completely.

5. Describe the setting how does the setting affect the plot and the theme of the story? What is the theme – write a theme statement for this story.The setting is on a fresh snowy mountain with lots of trees. The setting totally changes the story because if it weren’t snowy Dave wouldn’t freeze and there would be no conclusion and Dave would be successful. The theme is that you shouldn’t push yourself to far, past where your own limits are because it can have serious consequences.

6. Find one example of symbolic setting (concrete place that represents something abstract) and explain its meaning. The snow that Dave is relaxing in represents peacefulness because that’s how he’s feeling and it’s relaxing him even if it shouldn’t be.


          7. Quote four images from the story, that make effective comparisons

          Metaphor : “The cold was nibbling at his nose”

Personification: “The loud wind howling”

Simile: “Curved and smooth and thin, like of a pen upon the snow

Imagery: “His breath rose white and yellow before him”