Every one of these pictures is very important to me; they represent memories, happiness and friendship. Over the years of my life I’ve tried many things out but these pictures represent the ones that really stuck with me and the ones I love the most.

Picture on the left, top: This picture was taken this summer on Lake Chelan. My family and family friends go there every summer and stay at a lake house right on the water. I’m on the left, my friend Keimi is in the middle and Jessica on the right (my best friends). This memory is important to me because I can’t get the same feeling I get when I’m jumping of a dock into Lake Chelan anywhere in Vancouver. As I’m running of the dock, feet pounding, heart racing with excitement, I take one big jump and the water hits me like cold rush but also relaxes me as I float to the surface, there’s nothing better.

Picture on the left, middle: This is my (very small) cheer team. I’ve been a cheerleader since I was 8 years old and I’ve always loved it. From the screaming crowds at our cheer competition to the freezing cold weather at football games to the anticipation before the results to the competition are announced, it’s something that I absolutely enjoy.

Picture on the left, bottom: These are my best friends, Adia and Jessica. They have been through everything with me and they mean so much to me. They have supported me when I need it most and they always know just how to cheer me up, they mean the world to me and I’d do anything for them.

Picture on the right top: This is my volleyball team from last year. I play on the Coquitlam Ducks and I love it. It’s one of my favorite activities to do outside of school mainly because volleyball is one of my favorite sports but also because of the friendships I’ve made since I’ve joined the Ducks. This year I made the A team and everything seemed very new to me this year but, I have an incredibly amazing group of girls, as teammates this year and they make me feel very accepted and welcome on the team.

Picture on the right, bottom: This is my basketball team and joining the team is the best thing that’s happened to me since high school has started. I’ve played basketball for a few years but I never thought I was any good, I loved the game but the game didn’t love me, so I decided to quit but I joined it again in grade 8. My coach thought I was really good, that I should definitely join it in high school, but I on the other hand wasn’t so sure. My transition to high school wasn’t bad at all, I just didn’t like it, I missed middle school and all the grade 12s scared me. One day in October one of my friends that played on my school basketball team last year said I should tryout for the basketball team and I’m so glad I did. The feeling I get when I’m playing basketball is almost unexplainable. The fire and anger I have for a player comes out when I fight for the ball. My face feels red hot, my muscles tighten, my feet move quicker and all my other worries fade away as I focus on my game.