On Friday January 15th our class had a Skype chat with Charis. I wasn’t there for the skype chat but the point of the chat was to learn more about stem cells because that’s what Charis works with and researches so she knows quite a bit about them. Charis could answer all the questions we had and with great detail which helped us learn a lot about stem cells. Here is some information that I’ve taken in from everyone’s edublogs and from the classes feed back.

A stem cell can make any other type of cell, for example a nerve cell or blood cell. There are different stem cells as well. There are embryonic stem cells and HISPC (human induced prepotent stem cells) which can be helped to save people.

Here are few questions our class asked and got an answer back:

What is your favourite part of your job? (mine and Tessa’s question)

Chris said her favourite part of her job is that she can see new things about stem cells that no one else has seen before, she’d be the first to see and analyse all the new information.

What types of diseases can be treated with stem cells?

There are 80 diseases that can be treated with stem cells and the majority of them are connected to disorders and others like eyes and muscles.

How long does it take to create a sheet of cells?

She said it was a hard process that can take a long time but about 45 days.

This Skype Chat helped me learn a lot about stem cells, even though I wasn’t there I still learned a lot. I didn’t know anything about stem cells before this Skype chat but now I do.  I really like when we have Skype chats because it’s much easier to get information from a real person instead of a text book or notes. Very fun and useful assignment!!


This is a picture during the Skype Chat. Someone would go up the the computer and ask Charis a question and apparently she could answer it no problem! I didn’t take this picture but I asked Tessa what the white screen was a she said there was this digital whiteboard that Charis could write on and we could see what she wrote, I think that’s a super cool idea!!