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Science App Review

My app is called “Elements – Periodic Table Element Quiz”

What subsections in science does this app help you with?

This app covers the subsection about chemistry in science 9. It includes the periodic table, a list of all elements and quiz to help you remember the elements.

Did this app help you study?

This app has two built it quizzes, one has the symbol but you must guess the name and other has the name but you must guess it’s symbol. Each of these quizzes have an easy version and hard version which I think is a really good idea for testing your knowledge. I think this app would definitely help me study because its could be just like a practice quiz and especially because it includes the whole periodic table.

Did the different colours of the elements help you remember them?

The colours are organized in families and for me knowing the families that the elements go into was very helpful to remember them so yes for me it did.

Which did you find easier, knowing the name or the symbol?

What I found easier was: knowing the symbol instead of the name, because most of time the symbol is similar to the name so it would be easier to figure out. The easy option gives you a multiple choice of 4 and the hard option gives you 6 so its not that difficult to figure out.

Did it help having the whole periodic table within this app?

In my opinion it did help having the whole periodic table in the app. One reason why was  sometimes I need it for my homework and on the periodic table it includes all the information that I need and it’s right there and easy to figure out.`

Was it helpful having the subatomic particles and the atomic mass accessible though the app?

It definitely helped with my homework for my science 9 class. Most of my worksheets asked or either the subatomic particles or the atomic mass and it was super helpful to just have all of the information in one place on my device

Did you feel like you’ve learned something?

By using the app I actually learned that I know more elements then I thought I did and I learned a new way of testing myself to see if I know all that I’m suppose to know, and to see if I’m ready and if I’ve studied enough to be confident on my next quiz.

I would recommend this app to any of my friends (or any other science 9 students) needing to study for a chemistry test that they have coming up because its really easy to use and I would say this app covers almost everything you need for studying in this chemistry unit and I think it could really help them out.


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