Sentence: How you feel about yourself does not reflect on who you are

I chose this sentence because it was once said to me and has stuck with me ever since. I feel like it’s one of the most important parts of my story and represents what those bracelets mean to me very well, because whenever I’m feeling down or negative, I’m suppose to look at those bracelets and remember what they stand for. not to give up and to think towards where I’m heading.

Phrase: Your beauty has nothing to do with what you make of yourself

I chose this sentence because once again it was something said to me and I think this is something a lot of girls need to remember as well. People often forget that their beauty isn’t everything and, unless you’re a model, you’ll never get past on your looks alone, and its really about the life you build for yourself.

3 words:


Family always has been, and always will be, super important to me


This word is basically the entire theme of my story


this words pretty much sums up my whole story


these three things I chose shows me that powerful poetry can often be found in the scattered, deep parts of stories and put together in the least likely of places.

I’m going to take this exercise with me and put it into action whenever I’m feeling super stuck on writing a poem or spoken word, and hopefully this will help me out of a writers block and give me motivation/creative ideas whenever I need it.


My poem:

Your beauty,



has nothing to do with who you are.

the only thing that reflects yourself,

is who you make yourself to be.

One thought on “Fractured Poetry Bk C”

  1. Love the poem (as usual, I love your writing) and your self-reflection.
    Look for the strong verbs and nouns in your writing and be detailed.

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