Foods 10 Egg Recipies

Egg Based Recipes Breakfast Deluxe English Muffin 1 pkg (13.23 ounces / 375 g) Johnsonville Smoked Maple Flavoured Breakfast Sausages 1 pkg (13.23 ounces / 375 g) Johnsonville Smoked Original Recipe Pork Sausages 1 pkg (142 g) baby spinach 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp butter 16 eggs 8 English muffins (whole wheat or white) […]

My Family Timeline

Intro I have 4 family lines, but I will be following the Weber Line starting in 1919. My family history was hard to find as many of the key members of the storey where killed before their time, and the only living members of the line are the last 3 generations, as none of this […]


  Gears When as a society we have to rely on technology, We need to owe those who warned us an apology For when our devices take over our minds We will have no one to blame but mankind ¬† When you pick up your device, it hums joyfully For it will not be long […]

The Biomes

Our Group did some research in a collaboration project on 4 biomes for science, here is our groups finished product. The Savannah The Tundra The Rainforest and Coral Reefs Examine: we worked together very well and were able to find a way to edit all the projects at the same time from […]

Science app reiview

Problem: written periodic tables can really be a pain. they’re small and hard to read, they also are easy to lose and often have more obscure ions missing. unless you know where you’re looking beforehand,¬†elements can be hard to find. having one on your device can be more convenient, and be able to fit more […]

Digital Footprint

my digital footprint is very important for the future. employers will often look at potential employees’ digital footprint to see what’s on the internet about them if they like what they see then they may hire you. but if they see you drunk at a collage party then they probably won’t hire you. another example […]