Science app reiview

Problem: written periodic tables can really be a pain. they’re small and hard to read, they also are easy to lose and often have more obscure ions missing. unless you know where you’re looking beforehand, elements can be hard to find. having one on your device can be more convenient, and be able to fit more […]

Everything I Know About Exponents

  1. Represent repeated multiplication with exponent If you had a question that asked you what is equal to  that’s just a more difficult way of saying . its a form of . = 2.Describe how powers explain multiplication Exponents are a faster form of repeated multiplication, just as multiplication is a faster form of repeated addition, some […]

Potassium Oxalate

Potassium Oxalate Potassium Oxalate is a very strong dicarboxylic acid, it occurs in many plants, vegetables and fruits. it is also produced by certain acids metabolizing and is excreted though urine. in a chemical form used in labs, it is very dangerous. if its inhaled it can cause systematic poisoning and consuming it causes your esophagus, stomach […]