Social Studies Canadian multiculturalism

Social Studies Canadian multiculturalism

Long-lasting Greek influence in Canada

after the Greek war, many Greek people moved to Canada and had to work very hard to set up a business, but many of them where able to preserve their culture and ideas, and when they tried and opened their restaurants and businesses, the people of Canada liked it! it said in the article that these community’s exist and are doing well, and often times the culture and race of the people running it doesn’t matter to most Canadians, so I think that as a society we are encouraging immigrates to bring their culture to us even after immigration.


however Canada was not always like this as throughout our history since confederation, we have had very racist immigration policies and those who where not western European had a very hard time keeping their culture, the Chinese head tax, the discouragement of Asian and African immigration and the Japanese “gentleman’s agreement” to name a few. Even if you where accepted as a labourer from china and paid the head tax, you would have a very hard time keeping your cultures and traditions as important celebrations such as the Chinese new year where not celebrated back then, and other traditions like clothing, art and language would be frowned on if used in public

While we have a very multicultural and supporting society right now, the past has not been so kind to these groups of immigrants, but now if you have a holiday your ethnic group wants to celebrate then you can go right ahead and have people that will respect your culture, even if they don’t want to join it.


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