Bubble Gum Lab Conclusion


in the bubble gum lab, we where using an experiment to practice using the scientific method. During the experiment, we where testing 2 types of Gum to compare to one another, grape-flavored hubba bubba and sugary bubble gum flavor big league chew. we first made sure we had the same amount of each kind of gum. and we had 8.1 grams off each. the measurement could have been a bit off though, as when we measured the hubba bubba, it came in a block that had a wrapper. when we measured it, we left the wrapper on and that could have thrown off our measurements. however, to compensate we but paper towel under the big league chew when we measured it out and we thought that might even it out. then we started the first test. the first test was to determine what brand of gum was better at making the biggest bubbles, and my hypothesis was that if we blow bubbles with the gum, then the hubba bubba will make a bigger bubble because it is more compact and stuck together. then we chewed the gum for 3 minutes each and tried to blow bubbles. my hypothesis was proven wrong, as the big league chew was able to make a bubble with a diameter of 8cm, while hubba bubba was only able to make a bubble of 5cm. I think this is because the big league chew, while being in strips is a much softer gum because of it, it can stretch more to allow a bigger bubble to be blown without popping. the next question was how does gum stretch-ability relate to bubble size? to test this we had to take a piece of tinfoil and grip each side of the gum and pull, seeing how long we could stretch it before it breaks. we where told to only have one try at this, and we thought that this test was unfair as the hubba bubba was chewed first and was starting to harden. my hypothesis for this test was if we stretch the gum out, then the big league chew will stretch further because it is more stretchy, and the more stretchy the gum the bigger the bubble it can make. we then stretched and measured each piece, able to stretch the hubba bubba 16cm and the big league chew 31cm. this supports my hypothesis because the big league chew was able to create a bigger bubble then the hubba bubba, and thus I think that the more a gum can stretch the bigger a bubble it can make because the stretchiness allows for a bigger bubble to be made before it pops.

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