Inquiry Poem

The Golden Ticket

If you could take back one thing that you did in your life

and relive it differently what moment would it be?

The time you told your mom you took the Trash out but didn’t?

Crucial I know, or maybe the time you cheated and got caught on that one test?


What if I told you there was a way to do it? to live your life the way you want,

after you’ve already had a taste? what if I told you, you could live your entire life again?

Well I have a golden Ticket that can help, Made by some of the strongest paradoxes Throughout the land!

a Rose whose petals shrank to a bud, Healthy deep-fried food and Wi-Fi that runs fast!


what would you do if you had a second chance? how would you repay your crimes?

murder is a crime that people aren’t always willing to forgive. would like Brent Bishop, you go

on a long hard journey to redeem yourself? here’s the problem with second chances,

you’re first time round you made a mark, and you will forever be judged for that mistake.


but the golden ticket is your eraser and will get rid of your  crimes and your past.

you would take it though wouldn’t you. Take the Ticket.

well sorry to break the news but in this world we live in, its a world of realism.

you can dream all you want but if you truly believe that a ticket like that exists then you are a fool!


but what’s that to say? the idea of the ticket is still there isn’t it.

you can try to redeem yourself you not a ticket you, you, YOU.

nothing in life is free. if you put in the time and the effort,

you could find your own paradox and make your own gold ticket, make your own second chance.


The Golden Ticket by Adam Weber is a poem that addresses the theme of second chances. the poem is the answer to a question, Why is it important to practice forgiveness? I think that Adam was trying to express the situation in the world, about forgiveness, mercy and second chances. In the Poem, I believe that the Golden Ticket is a Metaphor for forgiveness and another chance, as evidenced by the end of the poem, and the reason he says it is made of paradoxes halfway though is foreshadowing that, like the paradoxes, their is no logical or literal way that the ticket it possible. the poem seems to also in a way be a speech to a man or women who has committed murder, whether it be by accident or on purpose its unclear, but it seems that the speaker is trying to convince the murderer to forgive themselves and to live under the second chance and the forgiveness of themselves more than anyone else. the message behind this poem a believe is that everyone, no matter what they did can find redemption, while that may not bring them back and they will never fully heal, its the closest they can get to finding the answer. Happiness, and to answer the question, Why is it important to practice forgiveness? it is the right thing to do, and to forgive yourself and others when something goes horribly wrong is the only way to heal from the emotional pain.

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