My Family Timeline


I have 4 family lines, but I will be following the Weber Line starting in 1919. My family history was hard to find as many of the key members of the storey where killed before their time, and the only living members of the line are the last 3 generations, as none of this is written down, these are all storeys told to me from Anna and Fredrick Weber, so their are holes in the storey. such as the names of my great great grandparents. Anna was old, and couldn’t even remember her own parents names, and Fredrick never learned them

back in 1919, Mr. Weber and Ms. Weber Moved to Transylvania, in what would be Romania, after moving from Germany Before the Great War, they moved to Transylvania to live near Poland and tried to escape the new political views in Post war Germany, filled with Poverty and Anger. It was here that they gave birth to my great grandmother Anna Weber.

I didn’t find out much about My great Great Grandparents but I did know a lot about Anna. She was born in the same year that her parents moved, and Died in 2009 at age 90.She grew up in Transylvania, where she learned to speak polish, German and Romanian. she was very resourceful and had a brother Named Huntz. she also had a childhood friend named Fritz that would ne day become a pilot  in 1938 she met a Man named Andreas or Andrew in English and they fell in love.

He had come from Berlin and told her all about the news of Adolf Hitler’s growing Nazi Party, and how many where getting ready to fight. they married each other that same year and had 2 children in 1940 and 1942. they where my great aunt and my Grandpa, Anne and Fredrick Weber. They decided to keep Anna’s last name for unknown reasons. Andreas, Fritz, and Huntz where drafted in the start of the war where Huntz and Andreas both Became Defense Police officers, Andreas was in charge of the blackout curtains at night to hide the town from enemy bombing runs. Fritz got his own plane. Meanwhile an unexpected sickness swept though February and killed My great great grandparents in 1943. she kept her head low but that was a year of tragedy for Anna and Andreas. It was a Fearful time to live in Germany as people started disappearing for learning things they weren’t supposed to know, being an “unsociable” and being against Hitler. Why it happened I don’t know, but Huntz was one of the People that disappeared. he had Blond hair and Blue Eyes, but his wife and kids had pale skin, Dark Hair and Brown eyes. to which they found his wife dead in his house riddled with bullets, but they never found or heard from Huntz or his children again.

While Fritz was a piolet he was worried about Anna and her Children, as more and more people started to go missing, he and Anna devised a plan to escape Germany. the Unfortunate part is they could not bring Andreas. in 1944 the 3 of them made a plan for Andreas to tend to his supposedly dying wife and kids, while Fritz, Anna, 4 year old Anne and 2 Year Old Fredrick snuck into an airbase to a plane that Fritz had loaded with supplies the day before, and they escaped Germany by taking an arc around France and England by flying over Italy, Spain and the Atlantic Ocean after half landing half crashing in a field near a town called cartwright in Manitoba Canada.

Fritz then said that once he found some fuel for the plane, he had to return to Germany to cover up their tracks, and after he did somehow mange to find the fuel back within a month, he told Anna he would see her again when the war ended. He was never heard from again. Because Fritz had to try to cover for them, he “went missing” and left Anna in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Canada with a 2 year old boy and crying 4 year old girl. she went into town broke and sacred and at first had no idea what anyone was asking her, then she met Rose Fengler. Her father was an Immigrant from Germany and she spoke German to her and comforted her. she also let the 3 of them say with her. Rose also happened to Be another one of My Great Grandmothers.

this is where I transition from the stories of Anna and Move to Fredrick

Now being 2 Grandpa Fred couldn’t remember much of Germany apart from the soldiers that tried to take him away when he was just a year old. the part when he starts remembering is when he’s 6 and starts working the fields. as soon as he was strong enough to plow fields he started working with his mom and sister farming sugar beats on a local farm owned by a kind English man, who in return for the work paid them and taught Fred and Anne English.

later Fred and Anne Balanced 3 activates: school, Work and play. Rose had 3 girls and the next door neighbors, the McAlister’s had a girl and 2 Boys. the 7 children played games like tag, hide and seek, A game Fred had never heard of called Baseball and in the winter the kids played a game that they called Hockey.

around when Fredrick was 22, he fell in love with on of the Fengler girls, specifically Caroline. my Grandmother. Fredrick then went to university and became a computer scientist and went to get a job in Winnipeg. He saved up and got his own car, and he had 1 child in Manitoba shortly before he would leave for Vancouver. My Dad, Jason Weber.

I asked Grandpa Fredrick if we had any traditions and here where his words

“HAHA! Adam we’re Christian, and Germans are some of the best Christians! we where the ones that set the tradition of Christmas trees and we’ve been forcing you to eat Sourcrout since you were 5! we always have our traditional food at Christmas eve dinner, how about you use that.”

I should have recorded this because my grandpas accent is great!

after he got to Vancouver, he was working for a local software company whose name is unknown. He and Carolyn had a second son that they named Brennen. Jason and Brennen had a nice childhood in Abbotsford, and when Jason reached 15, Carolyn had a Heart attack where she died in hospital just a day later. The Family was rocked but Jason Continued though High school and into university where he became a geologist, and he worked in the north and the Yukon for years. He had played hockey all throughout his childhood, and his company had a hockey team. he decided to join, and he played against Rimfire’s sister company’s team, Kiska Metals. In the 3rd period of that game he was body checked hard by a kiska player, her name was Sarah Vance. after the game, He went and found her and asked her out. Smooth.

they both then got assigned to work in Panama where they had many stories about being eaten alive by bugs and almost being poisoned and/or eaten by wild animals after that they came back to Canada to a city called port coquitlam,

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