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The Stressful Life of the Earth Teen

by Keplar 36a,
march 30, 2017

Extensive research has been conducted on the teenagers of earth, specifically a school called “Riverside Secondary School”. These humans have shown to be quite intelligent, as a school is a place that young humans go to learn and grow to preform acts to benefit their society. Like our children, humans are born without knowledge and must be trained to learn and grow. This is where the differences start, as they do not seem to have the technology to upload information directly into their brains. the humans (or teenagers as they are known) enjoy doing things other than work. They have many hobbies that we have observed such as physical activities known by the teens as sports, video games (as many of our children enjoy) and more primal activities such as hunting for a creature that lives on earth called a fish. the humans call this hunting “Fishing”. However, humans have a dark side as the years of being a teenager are not easy for a human. The teens begin to change and grow into adults in a process called “puberty”. This causes problems for the humans. Some examples of this are; some humans develop a temporary skin condition called acne, they begin to hit “growth spurts” where the human grows lager in a short amount of time and can give them pain, they have mood swings that can make them change mood rapidly and randomly. They are very social in the community, but do not always get along. Inside the social structure the humans seem to have groups that can either get along or they can argue. The relations between them are so vast it’s almost impossible to explain, but there are some humans who don’t have a friend group. this is concerning as humans appear to be very social and depend on other humans to interact with. These humans often have stress and depression because of it. This can lead to something that is very concerning. the use of various substances to escape their feelings, in fact it is not limited to just those without companionship, there are many reasons that we have observed as to why they use these substances the humans call drugs and alcohol. The humans have a large amount of stress in their lives the causes are many but here are some of the biggest causes of stress, being overworked and overloaded with school, pressure to live up to others standards (parents, peers, etc.), Time to balance things like school, sports, friends, relationships, and jobs. This can be very taxing to teenagers and that mixed with the awkwardness, and the fear to talk to an adult can lead to substance abuse and escape from the stress and it can also in very extreme cases lead to suicide. these are some of the reasons we got for why teenagers abuse drugs and alcohol when we infiltrated the school and a party. ” I guess one of the reasons would be domestic abuse from their parents” -Katie Smith. this alludes to parents of the  children beating them or harassing them in any way. they use the substance to escape their own minds. some other reasons the humans told us were, using drugs because of peer pressure or the need to fit in. similar to us humans experience peer pressure and will often make them try drugs or alcohol. the problem with this is drugs and alcohol can be extremely damaging to their minds and are also extremely addicting. too much of many drugs will cause you to overdose or make your heart stop beating. Then there are the parties. unsupervised parties can quickly go out of control for the owners when people they don’t know show up, and people start drinking underage and doing all kinds of drugs. when we infiltrated one of these parties undercover, it was horrific. There where people passed out, people getting extremely high or extremely drunk (we tended to these people so that they did not overdose), people taking inappropriate pictures, there were a couple of fights and there where those who were doing nothing wrong, just having a good time. It was so crazy we could only get one interview, with the owner of the house where the party was taking place. here is her description on how things got out of hand. “The night started out fine, with only around 20 people and I knew all of them. I had ordered some pizzas and had bought some soda earlier. no drugs, no booze. Before the party I had said to people I was hosting the party and that they could bring friends if they asked me, but the invited people started inviting more and more people to the point we are now with 200 people on the property. the party crashers brought alcohol and drugs but by that point it was too late and the party was out of control.” In conclusion, many teens are healthy both mentally and physically at riverside but they must be careful, think and don’t let peer pressure get the best of them.


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