When as a society we have to rely on technology,

We need to owe those who warned us an apology

For when our devices take over our minds

We will have no one to blame but mankind


When you pick up your device, it hums joyfully

For it will not be long until it consumes you completely

Oh, why do friendships boost our self esteem

When today, the same thing is accomplished by a number of followers on a screen


When this tech first came to us in a revolution

The people of London thought it would be the solution

For a great time the people reveled in its power,

When in reality it was starting to devour              


We have seen signs of the tipping point,

And the easily influenced will have their minds disjoint

And oh how the parents have been glad,

Why raise your kids when you can give them an Ipad


With no social skills and no compassion

the children will have a harder time to fashion

A real relationship in school,

But the one with the most likes is the one that is cool


And when we get passed this tipping point they will ponder

They will ask themselves and they will wonder

Why can we not we just use the gears in our head,

But we must depend on technology instead


And from there the world will be out of control

The new generations will be the ones with the toll

As what we developed will begin to take hold

And our faith in machines will begin to unfold


But by that point it will be to late

The gears grind and gnash, the machines will not wait

You will look at your kids and realize you have begun to drift apart

But there is no rewind button on life, or one to restart


But this is taking it a little to far

if we stop now we may not even have a scar

It sounds like the world will burn

but we are not past the point of no return


look up from your phone, your tablet, your TV

Go outside with the birds and the trees

Make real connections, not those online

And you’ll feel happier, this is the sign


Do not let the cogs inside a machine control you

Do things for yourself such as cook with flames or cannon in a canoe

And take this warning, it will keep you out of a tomb

Do not let technology take over, or it will be our doom

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