Part 1. The Story Of the Rouge Gene

I am a gene In mark’s body. I cause mark to have a more difficult life because I am mutated. I am genetically passed on thorough the x chromosomes. I mutated in the fact that now each of Mark’s x chromosomes has an extra gene on it. me. I do not effect mark’s health, but I make his life harder in other ways. I am Hypertrichosis or as other people call it werewolf syndrome.

I causes mark to grow hair all over his body, making the other kids laugh at him and make it hard to go into public without people staring. there is no cure for having me, and doesn’t need to be since I don’t effect his health. I am hypertrichosisalso very special. the chances of getting me are about 1 in 1 billion. also, mark is one of the around 50 people affected by me. but the fault for me is not marks, but rather his mom’s fault. I affect many of marks family members, including his little brother and older sister, but I was given to mark from his mom.

while I am harmless to mark, I can sometimes create problems for him. if he lets his hair grow to long, it can be hard to see, as well as if its summer, its harder for him to get cool. but I could potentially be an advantage to him as well, as many people affected by me can find jobs in the film industry, freak shows or the circus, which may be embarrassing for some, but it pays your bills. also an added bonus of werewolf syndrome, its very easy to create a really good Halloween costume! I said before the only treatment for me is how you would deal with regular leg or arm hair. shaving it will get rid of it but it will grow back. laser hair removal works as well but can have some dangerous effects on the person that it was preformed on.

there are different types of the mutation, but the variant I gave mark was more hair head to toe, while others may have more localized kinds such as just the arms or just the face, as well as something like a single bushy eyebrow. that is a really mild form of hypertrichosis, but these kinds may not be hereditary and can be obtained in other ways such as a prescription side effect. however that’s getting off topic of mutation.

To sum it all up, I am hypertrichosis a mutation that causes mark to grow extra hair from head to toe, and makes his life harder, but I do not cause harm. I do not make marks life different from anyone else’s, but rather social pressure and others make marks life different because of me.


Part 2. The Creation Of The Story

Some guiding questions I used are:

  • what does the mutation do to the host?
  • how many people are affected worldwide?
  • how does this happen to the host?
  • is it dangerous? (life threating)
  • how do people who have this mutation fare in the working world?
  • does it have any cure?
  • is it hereditary?
  • is there a way to get it other then being born with it?
  • is there a mental impact on the host?
  • is there a impact on the host’s social life?

my process was simple. find my facts using various media outputs and search engines, and tell a story of our mutation from a genes’ point of view. then cite everything I used and add a picture.

Search engines and media I used are:

-Microsoft Edge


-google chrome


Hypertrichosis – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Pictures, Facts




I thought I did a good job on this assignment because I had so many good guideline questions that I was able to find answers too. it was hard to filter though some of the sites to find these exceptional ones, however if I could have used more diverse forms of media, I got all the info I needed from these sources and I had a little bit of background knowledge. learned a lot from this assignment and I hope others can as well!

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