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written periodic tables can really be a pain. they’re small and hard to read, they also are easy to lose and often have more obscure ions missing. unless you know periodictablewallpaperwhere you’re looking beforehand,¬†elements can be hard to find. having one on your device can be more convenient, and be able to fit more information then paper.



Possible solutions:

Some questions to ask are:

is the app easily assessable?

Is it practical in a classroom setting?

Is it useable by everyone?

is it a useful chemistry unit tool?

after trying out a few different periodic tables I found that the Asperion periodic table was the best one for me


The App:

the app I found was called the Asperion Periodic Table of Elements. and it was an interactive periodic table that gives all the information you would ever need, the a-great-photoions, a picture of the element, it also gives you the atomic mass, grouping, ions, safety warnings and W.H.M.I.S. symbols. its an interactive table as well click on the element and get the information. it has a search function that allows you to put in the name of the element and it will pop up for you.


How does the app help users build skill or learn content:

this app helps users learn about the building blocks of our world by giving detailed descriptions, example, diagrams, and pictures. it allows people to work much faster and efficiently, but the best feature is the search feature.

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